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4X Firm Fresnel Rectgular Hand Held Magnifier - 5 Inches


The Rectangular Firm Fresnel Magnifier provides 4X by changing the distance between the Fresnel lens and your document. The magnifier allows you to find the best, most comfortable magnification level. It is large enough to magnify a full page of hard to read small print, yet small enough to be portable. Tuck the solid, non-flexible, acrylic lens into any book bag or briefcase for on-the-go magnification any time you need it. Lens is 2mm thick and measures 5" x 3.5" in across. It's extremely lightweight, and easy to handle. Comes with a hole on the end and a red cord attached, this way it's always in reach. Place one in every room of your house! Features: * Magnification: 4X * Lens Material: Acrylic * Lens Size: 5" x 3.5 Inches (Not including handle) * Weight: 1.3 oz Model: BAM102

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