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Eschenbach wellnessPROTECTION Sunglasses - Men's Frame - 85% Yellow Tint


The light protection glass filter from Eschenbach - Protection for your eyes Protection for the eyes from damaging sun rays, for keeping eyes healthy and * Improved, relaxed vision * Clear vision with sharp contrast * Vision with no irritating glare * Additional retinal protection wellnessPROTECT reduces intra- and extraocular glare by filtering blue light from visible light waves. By blocking a significant proportion of the energy-rich light, glare is greatly reduced. contrast recognition is significant increased Traffic light signals can still be recognized (red, green, yellow and blue), making the filters suitable for use on the road as the blue rays are not completely filtered out. wellnessPROTECT ensures special protection for the retina, particularly following cataract surgeries, as the new clear lens allows more light to reach the retina than the old cloudy lens! Material: CR39 Tint 85% Features: * Mens' frame * All-round protection with a unique new frame * Glare protection from above and below * Side protection afforded by tinted side lenses made from PC * Ventilation slits * Upper inner side black-end to reduce discomfort caused by light sensitivity * Temples can be shortened * Color Frame: Black Manufacture: Eschenbach Origin: Germany

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